Fix and Repair Your Motorhome’s Most Common Problems

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Motorhomes are recreational vehicles that make it easy for people to travel in luxury. It is like a home on wheels as it contains a bedroom, kitchen area, and a lot of space. This well-built vehicle may cause issues and problems when you are travelling and on the road. This is the reason that having complete knowledge of the motorhome, its parts, issues that could happen, its causes and their solution is important. Read this blog to get the complete insight about it. Further more, Motorhome Servicing Essex has the expertise regarding RV’s repairing fixing issues. Here are the common issues with their solution.

Plumbing, Water Pumps and Lines

The unique best thing about the motorhomes is that they have a running water system. But you could face faulty sensors and clog problems. In addition, water lines could burst in winter due to freezing and expansion. Do regular cleaning to avoid any kind of plumbing issues. Drain water from the lines if you are using the vehicle in winter. It is better if you go for the heating option. On the other hand, consult the professionals in case of complex issues.

Air Conditioner Problems

In summer, air conditioning is more than a blessing as it keeps the vehicle cool during the scorching heat. What happens if your AC stops working and fails to cool your place? Obviously, you should check it to find out the issue that caused the problem. It could be leaked plumbing, clogged refrigerant lines, low Freon levels, and broken compressor belts. Here are some steps to follow if your AC is not working.

  • Change and charge batteries in case of running out of power issues.
  • Use suction or shop vacuum to fix condensation.
  • Replace the thermostat if it is not working.

Transmission Breakdown

Some motorhomes’ transmission system breakdowns. Well, this does not often happen as most RV’s travel more than 100,000 miles or even a decade without the issue of transmission breakdown. But engine repairs, like transmission repair, are expensive. If this unfortunate situation happens, then it will be hard for you to drive it. Consult the mechanic who has expertise and professional knowledge about the transmission.

Slide Outs Malfunctioning

Mostly slide outs cause the issues of leaks and gaps when they do not retract and extend fully. This malfunctioning issue impacts the RV’s performance. Similarly, awning also creates similar issues. Regular maintenance is required to resolve the problems of slide-outs and awnings. Because these are the common issues that led the owners to put their vehicles aside.

Diesel Engine and Gas Issues

Gas and diesel engine issues occur due to long hours travelling of motorhome in summer and non-usability in winter. Mostly oil leakage and water contamination put the vehicle owner into trouble. Whether it is a major or minor problem, it requires the services of the professionals. Because it is always worth off if you get professional help.

Tire Blowouts

The debris on roads and the long hours of driving blow out the tires of the motorhomes. This will lead to tire damage. Reduce the chances of your RV’s tire blowout by following the given tips:

  • Regularly inspect the tires. Ensure that there are no sidewalk cracks. In addition, the tread should be deep enough for traction maintenance.
  • Choose the tires after analyzing the RV weight. Because the chances of tire blowout remain high in the overburdened vehicle.
  • Avoid over speeding because tires will get heat and as a result, blowout will happen. Ensure that your speed should not go above the maximum tire’s capacity.
  • Overinflated tires also easily blow out. That’s why never drive with under-inflated tires.

Brake Issues

One of the most ignored yet dangerous problems is always failing brakes. They are hard to handle if you are in between the journey. Whenever you observe and notice any kind of issues related to brakes, immediately fix it. These signs are vibrations, pulsations, grinding sounds and squealing. Moreover, the vehicle pulls from one side to another side during braking.

Electrical Problems

Do you know that the electrical problem of the motorhome is more complex and critical than that of a normal vehicle? Do a full inspection of your vehicle before hitting the road. It is advisable that never start a journey if there is any kind of electrical issue. Failed alternators, battery problems, tripped GFCI outlets and circuit breakers are the most common electrical issues. Fix it on an immediate basis from the experts.

Concluding Remarks

No doubt that a motorhome is a luxury recreational vehicle that makes your journey comfortable and enjoyable. But like other normal cars, issues and problems also happen with it. First, always try to avoid them to occur. If any situation happens, then fix and repair it immediately with the help of professionals and experts.

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