Journeys Of Discovery: Adventure Travel And Exploration In The 21st Century

The word adventure travel is actually a type of tourism closely related to exploring geographic locations with a twist of fun. Just like how it is shown in movies 47 Meters Down, The Everest, and True Spirits. Whoa… 47 Meters Down’s plot twist almost had us screaming. So petrifying!

Today, our topic is about something similar. It is about expeditions, screams, and undertaking new challenges. You have likely guessed it by now. Yes, we are here to suggest you some discovery journeys that you must take before your 40s.

These trips will not only rejuvenate your soul but will also freshen up your mind. They have a very positive impact on the human body as they increase blood flow and bring flexibility.

Moreover, the sense of accomplishment that you gain at the end of such challenges is incomparable. So let us waste no more time and directly start discussing some extraordinary physical activities that will give you goosebumps.

Adventures To Embark On In The 21st Century

Due to factors like technology, globalization, and safety regulations, some people have started to perceive that the 21st century lacks adventure opportunities. However, that is not true at all. There are numerous chances only if you care enough to look closely, past all the digital interruptions.

The explorations range from extreme sports to traveling to far-flung natural areas and even cross-cultural interactions. Hence, we are much obliged to the technological advancements for giving us a plethora of chances. Especially to discover the world through an explorer’s lens.

Journeys like these make us feel alive on the inside and push our limits to a level anonymous to us. There are even instances of book publishers in Sharjah that have been broadcasting stories about the excitement-stirring experiences in Dubai.

The world is talking about it and we cannot keep calm!

#1 – Edge Sky Walking

So let us commence with some perfectly exploratory destinations that are located in Dubai. We think it is ideal that we start by the name of the most thrilling quest – the scary edge walk at Burj Khalifa.

If you are a daredevil, you must know how big of a deal it is to experience being present at this popular destination. The first exciting thing you can do here is take a slide within a glass tube. Apart from that, you can take a walk at the outer perimeter of the elevated tower. The view is worth every inch of spine chills.

#2 – Hot Air Balloon Voyage

The next activity that will give a major lift to your adrenaline levels is the classic hot air balloon voyage in Dubai again. Trust us on this, and just give it a go. You will remember this breathtaking flight for life. Imagine being able to see a pretty sun setting between mountains at an economical price.

What could be a more dreamy and romantic escape than this in the 21st century? Of course, nothing beats this heavenly ride. To add to this, they also provide first-class commutes, breakfast, camel rides and falcon encounters. Woah… Majestic!

#3 – Desert Safari Quest

Moreover, there is another hidden gem in Dubai – the safari trip in the golden sands. It is as fancy as it sounds and even more exhilarating. The tour includes different action-packed episodes for all the death-or-glory fans.

Such as quad biking, dune smashing, and sand boarding. However, that is not all. You also get to have night stays and extravagant dinners, but nothing rushes dopamine faster to the bloodstream than the steering wheel control. Men… they are fond of rash driving.

#4 – Majesty Canopy Tour

Are you thinking that only Dubai has all the fun, in the world? If yes, then you have not yet heard of the South African canopy tours. It is unprecedented, and the world is here for the aerial adventure that the ziplines provide.

Therefore, the flight is super comfortable, and you get to cherish rivers, mountains, and various other spectacular landscapes. Moreover, if it is your lucky day, you might see monkeys, birds, reptiles, and members of the feline family in their natural habitat.

#5 – Encountering Sharks

Moving on, here is a new madcap trend in Sydney, Australia. Here, you dive down, only to have a frightening encounter with a bunch of vicious aquatic mammals. Initially, we would question why people would want to risk their lives deliberately.

However, later we realized that this is what adventuring is. The pleasure of coming in physical contact with a shark and Stingrays must be spine-tingling, though people still do it. They take the risk of their lives and go face-to-fin… incredible!

#6 – Base Camp Expedition

The Mount Everest base camp trek is on the bucket list of many thrill-seekers, especially after the pandemic lockdown. It is a trip for stubborn people mainly because of the drastic temperature drops.

Therefore, if you have the desire to gamble with life, then you will enjoy the picturesque beauty of the chilly mountains. This Nepalese adventure also includes visiting ancient temples in Kathmandu.

What are some of its elements?

The elements are namely space, measured risk, appeal, nature’s effect, satisfaction, and the sense of the unknown. Thus, any activity that includes these elements is sure to attract risk-takers.

What is adventure travel in tourism?

Every time a human walks out of his or her comfort zone to explore exotic and hazardous locations, it is adventure tourism. For example, shark diving, live lava watching, and skyline safari.

Which countries have the greatest reputation for it?

Brazil is famous as the land with the most audacious population. Then comes Costa Rica (2nd), Greece (3rd), Argentina (4th), and Portugal (5th) to compete with Brazil in this league.

How to promote it?

Businesses and governmental organizations can boast about such places through informative gulf publishers blogs, news pieces, and targeted advertisements. Moreover, local media magazines and direct mail marketing also come in handy.

Wrapping It Up…

Given all these discovery journey examples above, one thing is for sure you do not just discover places. You also discover a new self while going through these trips and adventurous challenges.

For example, traveling and being around nature not only reduces stress but also makes you smarter. It adds to your awareness in such a way that it surprises you. Moreover, these exploration outings leave a positive impact on the mind and soul of the traveler. Therefore, you must undertake challenges like these and question your limit at least once a year.

So, ask yourself now… What scares you the most? Is it the water? Is it height, or is it the fear of attempting something new? Whatever it is, try your best to face it, and you will meet a new version of yourself. Hence, we reinstate that adventure traveling is necessary to do once in a lifetime, especially now in the 21st century.

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